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Firearms instruction In Colorado Springs

Defense Training

Firearms instruction in Colorado Springs
Self defense classes

Are you looking for a Concealed Handgun Safety Training Certificate, or for general firearms safety instruction, but it's hard to get out of the house? I'll come to you! For minimum groups of 4, I'll bring a 3-hour CHP or Firearms Safety class to your house for you and your friends. Call for scheduling.

Weeknights and weekends.
4-5 Training Certificates - $60.00 each...
6-7 Training Certificates - $50.00 each
8+ Training Certificates - $40.00 each

​​​Want to tighten your pistol shot groups?

​Need to sight in a new or repaired rifle?

Want to start shooting and you're looking for guidance?  I'll teach you how to "dot the eye".  Call to schedule range time.


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